About Us

The Health City is a tech-enabled social enterprise whose work focuses on preventive health services and education. Through our website, we provide preventive health education for adolescents and young people in order to reduce the incidence and prevalence of chronic non communicable and infectious diseases. 

Our work focuses on these thematic areas: Sexual Health, Mental Health, Fitness and Diet

Our aim is to help young people make informed health decisions that can improve their overall health, ensure they get the help you need on time and make sure that if they can prevent it, they don't get it. We also want to make sure that young people have easy access to affordable healthcare.

We want to make sure that by making right health decisions now, young people have a healthy future. Who doesn't want to be 50 and balling?

We also design and carry out various projects (onsite and online) curated specially for young people.

Our website is filled with accurate health information created by our amazing team content creators for young people.

We hope you find them useful.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the incidence of preventable and chronic disease by ensuring that young people from today start making healthy choices and we're ensuring this by being the No. 1 source of accurate health information and provider of health services for young people thereby ensuring that young people are conscious of their health and are well aware of preventive health measures that ensures that they have a healthy future!

The future is now!

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide young people with accurate health information/education to enable them make informed decisions to improve their overall present and future quality of health and also to provide them subsequently with affordable and easy to access healthcare.