After seeing that my sex drive has significantly reduced, I decided to do a checkup. I didn’t want to assume I was suffering from an illness or something. The best way to confirm the cause of my low libido was to see a doctor. “This must be a mistake from the laboratory, there is an error somewhere”. I argued with my doctor on receiving my test result. Have I hit menopause? At age 35? How would I explain this to my husband? How on earth do I manage this?


These were the burning questions I had no answer to.Seeing my disillusionment, the gynecologist asked that my husband come around for proper counselling. Left to me, I didn’t know how to explain to my husband.


This is the story of some women. There are many myths associated with early menopause, and if care is not taken they could mean the truth. The pop legend, Michael Jackson once said “If a lie is allowed to be said over and over, it would become the truth.” This is why it is important that we know the truth behind these disorders so as to properly sensitise those who have them, not letting them see them as some form of “God’s judgment” for their past sins.


Many factors cause early menopause (between 40 to 50years) and premature menopause (before age 40). These happen as a result of a change in hormones. For example,low levels of estrogen. Other factors are listed below:


1. Family history: If there is a history of women getting to menopause earlier than usual in the family, you are at a risk of having this, but that doesn't mean you are definitely going to experience it. It doesn’t mean it is set on stone. So, don’t get bothered.


2. Genetic disorders: These are inherited medical conditions caused by a DNA abnormality. Examples of genetic disorders associated with premature menopause are Turner's syndrome (a condition that delays puberty in which the ovaries do not produce mature eggs thereby leading to no menstruation) and Fragile X syndrome (this is a condition where there's an incomplete chromosome).


3. Environmental factors: The inhalation of toxins, especially when you are regularly exposed to them could play a role in early menopause.


4. Infections: Certain viral infections reduce fertility and cause changes in hormones.


5. Surgery: Surgical procedures involving removal of the uterus, Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy.


6. Underweight women: Estrogen is stored in fat, women with less fat have decreased levels of estrogen stored.


7. Poor diet plan.



 Symptoms Of Early Menopause

 No period, also known as Amenorrhoea.

Missed or irregular period/menstruation for about 3 to 5months

Decreased sex drive

 Vaginal dryness and skin

 Labile mood

Hot flashes

Pathological fractures


You should see a doctor if you are experiencing all of these, to rule out other underlying causes.



        Solution to Early Menopause

Consequences of premature Menopause include Infertility, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular disease and Stroke with an increased risk of premature death. These can be avoided with the solution provided.

1. HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy works by adding or replacing needed hormones.

2. Change in diet: Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

NOTE: The above helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, moodiness… for fertility, opt for Invitro Fertilisation (IVF), Adoption or Surrogacy



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