Drinking ice water has become an addiction for many. I know most of us love to quench our thirst with a cold bottle or a glass of ice water on a sunny day or probably after a strenuous workout. We cool down the stomach with ice water and heat is produced in anattempt to obtain a balance, leaving the stomach too hot, which causes a desire for more ice water. It is refreshing as they say, but it can also be harmful to your health.

Drinking ice water can cause muscle contractions, headaches, slow down organ function, weaken your immune system, cause indigestion and even shrink your blood vessels over time. To be free from ice water-related health issues, it is advisable to drink eitherroom temperature or warmer water. Moreover, switching to warmer water can be beneficial for your skin health and organs.

Here are some dangers of drinking ice water:

(1) Limits digestion

Drinking ice water can limit the ability of your digestive system to absorb nutrients, which leads to water loss.

(2) Mucus build-up

Drinking ice water can create an excess build-up of mucus inside your body. This decreases the ability of your body's immune system to fight diseases and ends up making you vulnerable to illnesses.

(3) Shrinks blood vessels and inhibits the breakdown of fat

Drinking ice water can cause your blood vessels to shrink over time, which prevents your digestive system to function effectively.Experts also ascertain that if you drink ice water after eating a meal,the chilled temperature of the ice water will solidify the fats from the food you have just consumed, making it tough for your body to break down the unwanted fats in your body.

According to a study by the European Society of Pediatrics, drinking ice water can aggravate asthma symptoms in children.

(4) Creates room for diseases

Drinking ice water creates moisture. Parasites, bacteria, and candida grow in moist areas, particularly in your uterus and stomach. These ultimately leads to the formation of plaques in the arteries, brain, eyes, and other tissues. Fatty tumors, adipose tissue, kidney, and gallbladder stones are also formed.

(5) Affects reproductive system

Excessive drinking of ice water can also affect the development and physiological functions of the reproductive system. For women, it can cause excessive vaginal discharge, menstrual cramps, and menstrual disorders. When cold over accumulates, it creates a chilled environment which leads to tumors, fibroids, infertility,dysmenorrhea, ovarian cysts, candida, and parasite build-up, cold ovaries, uterus, and ovarian tube.

Benefits of drinking warm or room temperature water

(1) Warm water helps to increase blood circulation, thus reducingpainful muscle contractions and alleviate severe joint pains.

(2) It helps to rid sore throat and menstrual cramps.

(3) Warm water enhances skin health and digestion by facilitatingnatural digestive enzymes.

(4) It increases hydration and breaks down food more easily, which leads to a smooth bowel movement.

For many, it can be hard to break free from ice water addiction, but looking at the dangers involved, we can gradually wean ourselves off this addiction by drinking less ice water and drinking more room temperature water. I know it is hard, but you got this!


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