Obstructive Compulsive Disorders are excessive and unwanted thoughts that trigger repetitive actions. O.C.D can also be so severe that it can impact negatively on a victim's life.

     Are your anxiety, shame, fear, addictions and obsessions difficult to control, and it seems they come out of nowhere, and you take actions that make people around feel that you're weird. This is a typical characteristic of O.C.D

      Everyone has habits or thought that repeats sometimes, but people with O.C.D have thoughts that;


1.Take up at least an hour in a day

2.Aren't enjoyable

3.Thoughts that are beyond control and interfere with one's career, social life & personal lifestyle.


      Having Obstructive Compulsive Disorders(What Can I Do?)

  While taking medications might help to reduce and lessen the issue for some, it might not work for others..

1.Seek a professional therapist, who will give support, advice and treatment for emotional and mental disorders. As our health is very vital to our wellbeing, it is also very important to seek medical help.

2.When you are faced with challenges and difficult situations, take time to relax to avoid anxiety.

3.Make efforts to understand why intrusive thoughts disturb you and don't fear the thought, rather face your fears and overcome them.

4.Socialize with encouraging family, friends and people who understand O.C.D, and always eat a healthy diet.

     Don't Forget This "YOUR HEALTH MATTERS A LOT".

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