I had a lecturer in my University that almost died due to a certain condition related to the heart,why didn't he die?


He did not die because he did not limit himself to an everyday routine of not exercising at all, which under normal circumstance should have led to his death.


I see lecturers in school and even students who think they are doing themselves "good" by always looking for the easier way.


I'm not talking about those that have walked or gone through one school stress or the other.


I'm talking about the category of the House - car -school -office(Ac)- car - class.... People


Some lecturers drive to school, sit down in the office for long, when they are going for their lectures, instead of walking if it's a walking distance prefer to drive their cars to the lecture theaters, that's how the circle goes on and on.


You then hear things like Mr or mrs..... Slumped and died, why? Because they don't do any physical activity that will help the heart and other organs of the body function as it ought to. Less active, less fit persons have a 30-50 percent greater risk of developing high blood pressure. Physical inactivity is a significant risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease (heart disease) itself



Here's why I would recommend this simple but effective exercises that could help in preventing high blood pressure;


1 walking: walk walk walk!!!!!!!!!! You want to go getsomething and you see that it is a walking distance, walk, do it everyday,make it a routine not to sit in that office all day long.


2 jogging: You can jog on the spot or jog slowly if you can't do the whole morning jog and all.


3 swimming: This is a very good exercise that helps the heart and helps in relieving stress, the best time to swim is when the weather is hot.


4 cycling: Bicycle is not for small children!!!!

If you can get one at home, please do,it's fun and it also helps to reduce high blood pressure.


5 Dancing: You don't have to know how to dance like "kaffy" before you are exercising, just move your body to the rythm and see the wonders it does to your health.


Health is wealth but it is only a crown on the head of those who are ill.


My point is don't be sick or dying before you appreciate your health, put in that little effort NOW.

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