Sex, sex, sex! This word used to be a safe word, taboo and unheard of except amidst adults who are married. So it is not expected to be talked about with children, teenagers and even adolescents.

Thanks to the advent of sexual and reproductive health education that has swept off the antagonistic perceptions of the word, sex. Welcome to the 21st century where this word is used, over used and sometimes even, misunderstood.

Sex, is however a mystery to some, while for others, it is a routine; no hard stuff.

Well, this is not a contest to prove who's perception of sex is right or not. My interest lies in practicing safe sex and maintaining a healthy sex life while at it.


To state concisely, to practice safe sex is to use protective devices such as male condoms, femdom.


Sharon, 18, in her first year in college, had just met her boyfriend, TK, who is a 4th year student also in the college of medicine. She had sworn after her last breakup that she wouldn't get into a relationship till 21, hoping to have garnered more information about sex and relationship. Did her guts fail her? Yes, meeting TK was a deal breaker, as she feel head over heels in love with him.

TK, was a smart guy, his dimples were stuck on his cheek, solid and sweet. She couldn't have resisted the air that swirled around him.

On the day they chose to consummate their relationship, they ran a short service room and tub, with lit candles and red wines. Like newly weds, they savored themselves in a warm bath, having endless episodes of orgasms. But, to what end?

Sharon doesn't keep an ovulation calendar she would have been able to know her safe time, maybe, she would have prevented this unprotected sex that resulted into a pregnancy.

Her mother who was screaming at her and her father who already threatened to to stop ‘wasting’ his hard earned money on her tuition fees. Your guess is as good as mine, TK denied the pregnancy and she became a shadow of herself.


Sharon could have known better? Oh, she couldn't have known better. She was not just Lucky enough as those who get away with unprotected sex.

Now, he is the twist. Young girls, boys, find unprotected sex attractive, owing to the fact that having it raw gets them in their high. Whoever made this hypothesis?

Certainly, there are limits to everything, even sex. Unprotected sex, exposes both party to STI which actually is the peak of all consequences– if I may add that.

Like Sharon, who became a college drop-out, took her partner’s blame and lost her place in the grand scheme of her dream to become a physiologist.

In the long run, unprotected sex downplays the essence of intimacy. How? Nobody does it outside the auspices of legal relationship enjoys its outcome. For girls, it seems even worse as they are always at the receiving end.


So when your partners ask you out on unprotected sex escapade, say, “not today!”

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  • 2021-11-13
    Adams says:

    Gracias. It s the last quote for me when your partner asks you for a sex escapade without protection tell him her not today

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