As beautiful as the act of nourishing your body and also deriving joy from it is, it can also make you feel like a piece of trash, it can be a person's worst nightmare, and it can be as serious as cutting a person's life short through suicide.

For some people, it might initially serve as an escape route from their problems, they indulge themselves in food to try to forget what they are feeling at that time and when the moment of truth come up,they feel like shit again and try every possible means of getting the food out of their system such as putting their hands into their throat to induce vomiting or using purgatives to ensure that they poo it all out and this sometimes have life threatening complications and it is also a testament to their failing mental health and this type of eating disorder is regarded as bulimia nervosa 

  For some others, they get anxious about what every bite of food can do to their body and how it can affect their ideal body image so they will rather not eat, even tho they are hungry and the thought of food is what consumes their mind for majority of the day. They even check their weight almost every time to be sure that they are on track and sometimes just result to taking fluids alone and this slowly kills them  as their nutrients storage gets depleted and this opens the door of low immunity and increase incidence of infections to their lives. The constant struggle in their minds about what to eat and what not to eat starts to make them see a reason to end their lives due to perceived fruitless living and this condition is Anorexia Nervosa

The last group of people have given up completely on their life and their health so they just eat and continue to eat even when they are full, it is also sometimes because they cannot control their hungry due to some inherent medical problems. This bad habit of always eating makes them obese most times and result in other problems such as problems with mobility , increase dependence, heart diseases and a negative body image . They don't enjoy this lifestyle but they are hooked on the look and they thus find it difficult to quit and this is referred to as Bulimia 

The good news about these disorders is that it is never too late to speak out and seek help. Something can also be done at every stage to help reduce the complications of this habit and restore complete help where necessary.


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