In our current world, we have seen or heard about how many youths have been pressurized into doing something they would not have done on a normal day. Some people have made great mistakes that can not even be corrected.

We spoke with a final year law student of Ekiti State University a while ago and here is what he had to say about peer pressures.

What can you describe as peer pressure?

 Peer pressure simply is the direct influence on people by their peers or members of their social group.

 How often do you get pressurized?

 Not so often.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how easily do you give in to pressure?



Do you think you get pressurized from your peers on social media?



   Have you ever been pressurized into doing something you didn't want to do?

 Yes, but I didn't end up doing it.


  Who pressurized you?


  Do you think peer pressure is normal?

 It is not normal but now usual or customary in our contemporary dispensation.


  How do you react to peer pressure if you don't want to do it? Tell the person to let you be or ignore the person?

 I convince myself my decision on the matter is better than any outside influence, suggestions or pressure. Once I am self-convinced, no peer pressure changes that, so I either tell the person to quit wasting the energy or let the person be.


  How do you think young people and adolescents can prevent peer pressure?

They need self-esteem that can in return give them the confidence that their decision on the matter being pressurized is better than any outside influence, or pressure.

They need to be convinced they are on the right path.

 In addition, they need to reevaluate those who form members of their social group, those whose ideologies differ massively from theirs should be distanced.

 Finally, it takes the highest level of self-esteem and self-control to not succumb to unending pressure within one's inner circle, as such, create the best environment with less pressure for yourself. Avoid the devil and he will flee from you.


Latest Comments:

  • 2022-02-25
    Adebiyi Bisola Deborah says:

    hmm wow Giving in to self control might be so hard especially for most addictions that fight humans. But just like what the interviewee had said the first thing is having a self esteem which is the most important to tackle peer influence. And secondly is moving away from negative social group. This is because social group is a large determinant of our behavior thinking and the type of changes that we reflect. Nice write-up.

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