Male/Famale sexual hygiene is the fundamental principles of both sexes while at ensuring good health and well-being. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, yeah? Let's consider how we can keep clean down there.


For females, the vagina is a self-cleansing organ that doesn't require internal cleansing or douching. There had been controversial comments about vagina health and how it should be done; to wash or not to wash with antiseptics.


So quickly, let's delve into finding answers. Considering the availability of several unsponsored materials and products, in a large scattering of them used for vaginal cleansing, it's important to note that, these are completely unsponsored and does more harm to goof to vaginal health.


Vaginal douching is the worst of all as it involves washing the vagina with some mix of chemical, which sloughs off the normal vaginal flora, leaving the vagina with a poor or no defence against infections. It even increases the chances of contracting HPV, vaginal thrush and yeast infections.

There is Vaginal steaming too, which not only exposes the vagina to high heat or burns the vulva, but creates a perfect breeding space for bad bacteria, which to lead to large growth of infections.

While we have established the fact that you don't have to cleanse your vagina, you have to wash your vulva, the outer part of your vagina; with just clean water.

However, it's important to avoid doing these as it threatens vaginal health and is inherently dangerous.


So, how do I take care of my vagina?

Here are few tips to practice to ensure vaginal hygiene;

1)On Washing:

-Wash with clean water

-Avoid using scented soaps and medicated soaps

-Wipe from front to back, after using the toilet; if possible use water after wards.

- Do not clean shave the pubic region to avoid irritation.

2) After Sex hygiene

- change condoms while switching from anal to vaginal sex

-Clean with warm water after sex

-Pee after sex; to flush out bacteria that might have gotten in.


3) Clothing and Vaginal hygiene;

-Do not wear tight panties and underwears

-Wear cotton-made panties instead, it is a better absorbent of heat.

- Change your panties after the gym.

-Do not wear wet swimsuits all day.

-Change your underwear if you notice extra discharge on it.


Generally, ensure that you change tampons and menstrual pads as often as possible. Also, eat more food that enhances vaginal health like yogurts that help reduce the growth of yeast.

Do not insert anything into your vagina, do not put food, medicinal herbs of anything that is not medically approved/recommended.


Most importantly, before I go, do not treat vaginal infections on your own. Yes, do not assume that you can self medicate your way out of infections, rather, present at a hospital and request to see a gynecologist.


Male hygiene isn't as simple as it seems, because one or two things can go wrong.


Here are few tips relevant to male hygiene;

1) Wash your sex organs with clean water and dry: it is advisable to take care of the pubic region because it is prone to bad smelling, irritability and sweating.


2) Change your under pants regularly; do not wear boxers or pants longer than required. It is required that you change them to stay fresh and free from rash and bumps.


3) I understand that everyone is different; but trimming your pubic region is not bad, yeah? Keeping it trimmed and clean makes you more comfortable;and is also believed to retain and disperse pheromones (which helps with attraction). 


4) Use condoms; this can't be overstated; during sex, there may be skin tearing or bleeding. Better safe than not, yeah?


5) Wash your hands before and after sex: it seem hard but it's worth the task.


6) Do not share sex toys/ Do not forget to wash them; your sex toy should be as clean as you are. And also, don't share.


7) Go for a routine check-up; I want to believe that you have a good relationship with your health care practitioners? Talk to them whenever you notice a deviation from sexual health.


8) As many times as possible, after sex and daily activities, check your penis for rash, bumps, blisters or warts; as all these could be a pointer to STI and other health conditions.


Note that, why all these tips are absolute and proven to be medically relevant, present to a health facility when there's an unusual outlook down there.


Stay healthy, be happy always.


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