It's no news that key lime water is a miracle worker. It cleanses and expels old fecal matter/mucus from the body, aids in weight loss and pain-free menstrual flow. The key lime has the most alkalinity of all of nature's fruits; says Dr. Sebi.


1 liter of drinking water (warm or room temperature)

1 key lime


Cut lime and remove seeds.

Squeeze lime into 1 liter of drinking water (warm or room temperature).

Note: For better results, drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, every day before breakfast.


1.  Rejuvenates the skin.

2. Improves liver function.

3. Reduces oxidative stress.

4. Assist detoxification.

5. Regulates bowel movements.

6. Boosts immune system.

7. Increase energy.

8. Improves digestion.

9. Balances the body's PH.

10. Lowers blood sugar.

11. Protects the pancreas. 

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