Vegan Corn Ball Recipe

This Vegan Cornballs Recipe is crunchy and mouth-watering, filled with plant-based flavors. This recipe is loved by everyone including children. It can be enjoyed with a glass of almond, oat or banana milk.


• 2 cups grounded boiled corn

• 3 large ripe plantains

• 1 medium-sized onion (blended)

• 1 tablespoon grounded fresh pepper

• 1 tablespoon grounded ginger

• Oil for frying


Grind plantains until smooth.

• Add all the other ingredients, and mix thoroughly.

• Mould into balls and fry in hot oil until golden brown and well cooked.

• Drain and serve hot.


Daniella Obuwan Oshiame is a Lover of "Cats" and all things "Black & Vegan". She is a Naturalist /Vegan-Health Consultant, who enjoys writing Health & Nutrition articles and developing Vegan recipes.


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