Stepping out of the S.A.D

Ever since I started writing about social anxiety disorder, Ibegan reading about people who have experienced social anxiety and how they healed or are healing from it. One thing that was common in their blog is that they identified the root of their social anxiety, which is always triggered by fear which can be the fear of judgement, embarrassment or being ridiculed/shamed. The fear of something is always the trigger of the anxiety.  I may not totally understand how it feels to be living with social anxiety disorder but I do know that it can be lonely, depressing and there is the yearning for human contact.

Dealing with my own personal issue, I understand that the first help you will ever get yourself is realizing that you need help and you take a step towards receiving help. Sandeep Jauhar, a practising cardiologist in New York and a writer once said “The only mistake you can make is not asking for help”. So take that bold step today and reach out for help.

Social anxiety disorder cannot be diagnosed with medical testsbut from the description of your symptoms and also by examining some certain behavioral pattern. For your sake, you have to step out of the social anxiety disorder zone into a new light. It does not have to be a sudden shift. It could be progressive but all that matters is that a change is occurring. You need to get treated. There are medical experts that are availableto help you out and you can also try some alternative medicine. The treatment options for social anxiety disorder include:


It helps in learning techniques to change negatives thoughts about you. This type of therapy can get you to the root of anxiety.

Group therapy

Joining support groups will help you form a connection with others that are also struggling with this condition. Speaking with a group which can be online or physical is an excellent practice for social interaction and a perfect reminder that you are not the only one living with this condition. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Alternate Therapies

• Meditation

• Yoga

• Deep breathing exercise




They do not cure the disorder but they can help to improve your symptoms and also help your functioning in daily life.

Lifestyle modifications

• Avoiding or limiting caffeine

• Getting plenty of sleep

• Getting regular and physical exercise

• Practice being social: Easing your way into social settings can help you a lot. For example, saying “Good Morning”, offering simple compliment to people.  Also try to make eye contact when talking to people.

• Prepare for social events: Instead of turning down all invitations to social events you can as well say 'yes' to few. Prepare for them in advance. You can practice role play or conversation starters to build your confidence.

It is also very important to know your limits. Having too much on your plate can heighten your anxiety. Prioritizing your rest, relaxation and self care will go a long way in stepping out of social anxiety disorder. I hope you get help and be better.



Alalade Opeyemi

I am a health writer and enthusiastic about improving lives through health education.

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