Did you know that according to WHO 2.8 million people die globally,each year as a result of being obese or overweight. 

 Did you also know that obesity is linked to over 50 chronic diseases?

Obesity simply means having excess fat than the body needs which makes the body mass index higher than normal.

Several factors can cause an individual to be obese and one of such factors is Eating too much/overeating 

Eating too much causes obesity when the extra calories in the body are stored as fat after the body has taken the necessary calorie needed to provide energy.

Eating too much leads to overweight, being overweight if not controlled will lead to obesity.

Carbohydrates and fatty foods are more likely to lead to a person being obese because of the excess calories consumed from such food that would later be stored in the body leading to obesity. 

Proteinaceous foods are less likely to prevent excess weight gain.

Does moving too little cause obesity?

Calorie intake and physical activities are important factors of a person's weight.

When you perform a physical activity basically by walking for some minutes,you have burned calories that you thought you could not do by simply walking to and fro.

Engaging in physical activities can help reduce the risk of obesity.

It is important to note that beyond telling an individual to eat less and move more,you must know If he or she is predisposed to obesity

The predisposing factors in obesity are; Genetics, Diet, Exercise, sleep, Environment etc.

There is high tendency for those that are predisposed to obesity to be obese than others. And also for those that are not easily predisposed to obesity,it really is not about how much you eat but how much of healthy foods you consume and others like;Reduce your carbohydrate intake,Eat well, Reduce your alcohol consumption, Engage in physical activities regularly(it does not have to be strenuous),sleep well. 

What else do you know about the cause and prevention of obesity? Feel free to add yours

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