If you are like me, when I was younger I believed the popular myth that people who are short didn’t eat enough beans when they were younger, hence their short stature,.I also believed drinking garri cause eye problems. People love myths and circulating false information while some of these myths are not harmful ,not all should be taken at face value.

Let’s debunk a few common myths, so you can feel more confident about your food choices. Here are some of the myths you probably thought were true;

EATING A LOT OF BEANS WILL MAKE YOU TALL: Beans are great and have a lot of protein and nutrients. While it’s true that (some) of the proteins have the ability to increase one’s height, this plan might be less successful if they aren’t already genetically inclined.

 EGG YOLKS ARE BAD FOR YOU: One egg yolk contains half of your daily requirement of choline, which is good for your brain.So, don’t waste your egg yolks anymore. Plus, the yolk contains most of the vitamins and minerals in the egg, plus half the protein.

TO LOSE WEIGHT, YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP YOUR FAVOURITE FOODS. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods when you’re trying to lose weight. Indulging in small amounts of your favourite high-calorie foods may be part of your weight-loss plan.

BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. There is nothing special about breakfast .The first food you eat during the day doesn’t have to be consumed early or include certain types of foods. Moreover, partaking in intermittent fasting during which you skip breakfast or consume it later in the day, has been linked to a plethora of benefits, including improved blood sugar control and aids your alertness during the early hours of the day.

YOU MUST DRINK EIGHT GLASSES OF WATER EVERY DAY. How much fluid your body needs every day depends on your age, gender and activity level. If you’re thirsty or sweating, remember to drink what you lost.

DRINKING GARRI CAUSE EYE PROBLEMS.Garri is made from cassava, which contains some toxic level of cyanide(which prevents the cells of  our body from using oxygen and when this happens, the cells die).

Hence, if we consume badly processed garri, we might be exposed to this toxic acid and that can affect our health. The trick is to consume well-processed garri and in moderation.

MICROWAVING FOOD KILLS NUTRIENTS. Nutrient loss in food is caused by different factors, including heat. However, microwaving your food uses less heat than conventional cooking methods and it’s a lot faster. So, microwaving actually helps keep nutrient loss to a minimum.

A GLASS OF RED WINE IS NEEDED FOR A HEALTHY HEART. Although red wine contains antioxidants that protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, daily consumption of red wine can damage the liver and increase risk of breast cancer. If you enjoy wine, stick to moderate drinking and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There’s no reason to start drinking red wine in the hope of protecting your heart.

WHITE (IRISH) POTATOES ARE HEALTHIER THAN SWEET POTATOES. While white potatoes are lower in fat and sugar, calories and carbohydrates are lower in sweet potatoes. And while, white potatoes contain more protein and fiber, sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A and vitamin C. So, when it comes to choosing the better or healthier option, it’s mostly about your health needs, goals, and taste.

 There are many myths regarding foods, nutrients and diet. I hope you have found something new and useful in debunking these myths. Live healthy and prosper!

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Marvellous Olayinka is a medical student and a freelance medical writer. In her spare time, she reads fiction and non-fiction books, watches Kdramas, and draws with lead pencils.

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