Childhood trauma has been described as an event experienced by a child that evokes fear and Is commonly viloent, dangerous or life threatening

A person that has been abused either physically, sexually, emotionally or psychologically in their childhood might have a hard time healing. Sometimes a child might not have been traumatized directly but thought the experiences of a loved one.

Special attention is required to be given to a child who has been exposed to traumatic experiences because  if it is  not properly treated or managed can shape your live forever, leaving nothing to your control.

Childhood trauma can also arise from neglect during childhood in which your emotional or physical needs were not met, the death of loved or the experience of serious medical illness leading to hospitalisation might also cause childhood trauma.

Effects of childhood trauma


Repeated victimization

Low self esteem

Eating disorders

sexual dysfunstion

self destructive or suicidal behavior

Academic problems

Criminal behavior

substance abuse



1)Recognize and accept the trauma:

The first step to breaking free from childhood trauma is to recognise that it happened and also accept that you experienced it. It is not easy but being in denial will make the situation more complicated.

Sometimes when you get to remember those experience pushing you to turn to recreational substance to alleviate the pain. It will never help but  only make the situation worsen. If you want to break free then recognize what is happening to you and accept it.

2)Work with it:  

Now that you have accepted it , you have to work with what you are dealing with. You have to let go of the self criticism, guilt and shame. You have to also let go of the thought that you made it happen and it could have been avoided. You have to love yourself and be kind to yourself.

Loving yourself will help you to break free from your childhood trauma. You didn't create the scar, you want to heal the scar. You desire a wonderful life which is not bounded by pain.

3)Seek support and help:  

The last step to breaking free from your childhood trauma as an adult is that you have to reach out to a loved one or loved ones. You can also seek professional help where they provide a treatment regime that will work for you.

The right help is important and being surrounded by the right people is also very important. You need to be supported emotionally or in any way they can help and not stigmatise or criticise you.

You need to be healed before you can break free from your childhood trauma and I hope these steps above will help you out. You can read 10 ways to heal from trauma


By Alalade Opeyemi

I am a health writer and enthusiastic about improving lives through public dissemination of information about your health.

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