Living with dyslexia: clouding negativity

Dyslexia is a reading disorder, it is characterized by difficulty in reading, spelling and memorizing. This condition is self diagnostic, It starts from an early age even though one might not notice until adulthood. Dyslexia does not only affects reading and writing skills as it is mostly described it also affects organisation and makes things which we consider pretty easy difficult for a patient.

 Living with dyslexia can be quite difficult, so people around dyslexia patients should be quite patient with their symptoms and must help as much as they can so that dyslexia patients can feel accepted and feel better about themselves. People living with dyslexia get stressed easily and when they are tired the symptoms might be more pronounced.

Note: Dyslexia is not an indication of failure, patients might just have to work harder than others. Percy Jackson the main character of a popular movie series was a dyslexia patient and even in the real world Albert einstein a famous theoretical physist perhaps the most popular in that field yet, had been diagnosed of dyslexia at an early age, still was a nobel prize winner.

Dyslexia gets better over time but the patient can not be cured as there are born that way the symptoms can get better over time but it will always be there.

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