In abusive relationships, financial abuse has been recorded to go along with verbal/ emotion abuse. Financial abuse involves controlling a victim's ability to acquire, use, and maintain financial resources. Those who are victimized financially may be prevented from working. It is important to be able to recognize financial abusers in a relationship. A financial abuser will make you feel they are doing a favour by helping you with your finances until the point where you totally submit control and it becomes harder to break free. Financial abusers in a relationship can be recognized by:

  1. Concealing financial information from you: You are being financially abused in your relationship if your partner does not inform you about your finances. They make sure you are in the dark about your funds.
  2. Limiting your access to assets : if you notice that your partner does not allow you access your assets or funds. It might be a sign that you are being financially abused. You might not be able to spend your money as you want to. 
  3. Controlling your ability to make money: He or she might stop you from working, trying to make you less financial independent as possible. You may be allowed to work but take control of your banks stopping you from receiving the money.
  4. Exploiting your resources: Another way to recognise if your partner is a financial abuser is if they spend your money without informing you and no accounting for it, they can also sell your properties without your knowledge. They can also destroy and damage your properties. They can take out loans and force you to be the guarantor. They can also gamble your money occasionally losing it all, leaving you in debts.
  5. Dictating how both of your funds are spent: A financial abuser will want to make all the decisions about your finances leaving you with no contribution. They make little or no money available for meet your financial needs.

You have to get away if you recognise that your partner is a financial abuser because they will destroy your financial health, leave you with nothing and make sure you are at their mercy for your finances. 


By Alalade Opeyemi

I am a health writer who is enthusiastic about improving lives through dissemination of information about your health.

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