Alex and Olivia were sitting outside the hostel playing a card game when toni just got back from school with a worried face.


Olivia: Toni, are you okay,you look worried?

Toni: NO,I'm not okay

Alex: why,what's up?

Toni: I've been unable to pass stool for more than a week now and I feel really bloated.

Alex: How exactly have you been feeling?

Toni: My faeces has been hard as though what is about to come out of my anus is stone, that's if it eventually comes out which could just be a lump,pains in my abdomen and I have to push hard as though I'm about to deliver a baby.

Olivia: That's clearly constipation

Toni: Really?

Alex:How are you sure? It could be pile

Toni: Is there a difference?

Olivia: Yes,there is. Piles also known as hemorrhoids occurs when a person has chronic diarrhoea or constipation.It comes with both painful and itchy sensations and bleeding while passing out stool due to straining while passing out stool.

Toni: so what you're saying now is constipation and pile are not the same thing?

Olivia:Constipation could lead to pile.

Toni: so It's safe to say I'm feeling constipation

Olivia: well,Yes

Alex: Toni hope you know what to take and what you shouldn't?

Olivia: Yes I do know that,Thank you guys.


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