Sometimes, we just want to have people around us that understands what we are going through and our train of thought, in fact what will make someone's day might be as simple as  having someone special that can listen to them talk about their day and also hold their hands as they walk through life.

We might not always get someone who is with us every time and even when we do sometimes, loneliness can still creep in to make us miserable. 

 We can always create our own happiness sha and this is how:

  1. work on yourself. Take a stock of your life, are there attitudes and personality traits that you have that is toxic to others? Identify them and work on them
  2. leave your house. Interact and mix with other people. Be involved in profitable deals.
  3. volunteer your time and skill to a good cause
  4. learn a new skill. There are tons of free resource on the internet day. Make appropriate use of the opportunities that you have.
  5. learn how to mediate.
  6. play games. 
  7. use the time for self care. Have proper sleep, eat a balanced diet
  8. open up to someone about how you feel. Don't deal with it alone. A lot of people are going through this or have prior experiences.

On your way to rediscovering yourself, I pray you live a life of impact and love yourself unconditionally

Tolani Adewale ©2022

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  • 2022-07-26
    Olabintan Odunola says:

    Great piece!, thanks for sharing

  • 2022-07-23
    Tolu says:

  • 2022-07-23
    Tolu says:

    Thank you

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