I once worked as a Pharmacist in a community pharmacy in Lagos Nigeria. On this fateful day, a married man came in with complaints of painful urination. On further questioning, I found out he had a sexually transmitted infection. Further questioning revealed he had multiple sexual partners. I went further to give him the medical attention he required. This man legit came back a few days later to say thank you by proposing a genital meet and greet between the both us. Loooolllll

Lagos men won’t stop amazing me. No attack on Lagos men as I am in the know that many Nigerian men and even women are not exempted from such practices. This wasn’t the first person to propose such a thing and perhaps may not the last.

However, I came to the conclusion that It is your responsibility to own your sexual health and safety especially in a country like Nigeria where despite our religiousness, people have multiple sexual partners and poor sexual hygiene.

Safe sex is exploring sex and sexual practices with precaution to prevent exposure to sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. This is also not devoid of sexual practices as regards the use of sex toys. Sex and sexual practices can be safe and pleasurable



As archaic as this may sound, the only safe sex is no sex. The advantages are numerous from No STDs, no STIs, no Birth control pills and the list is endless. Abstinence keeps and protects from the up and down drama of having a partner with the occasional doubts of whether the person is faithful or not.Kissing can be one of the most exciting parts of relationship however amongst many other STDs/STIs that can be transmitted herpes virus and cytomegalovirus can be transmitted through kissing. Hence, complete abstinence from sex and sexual activity remains an 100% method in sexual health and hygiene habits.


It is very important to stay faithful to one partner. It keeps away any form of doubt of contacting an STD. If you don’t have an STD and your partner doesn’t have an STD and neither of you cheats, you can be sure of living an STD free live. STDs don’t just jump on people. It takes contact with genital fluids via sexual activity. Also, it is important to screen for STDs and talkthrough sexual history (sexual orientation, number of sexual partners, body counts, past sexual infections, HIV status, use of condom and condom allergy etc).




It is very advisable to use condoms when exploring sexual acts in a relationship. There are both female and male condoms.Condoms are advisable for sexual acts that involve exchange of body fluids such as Oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. There are special kind of condoms for oral sex. This is not really common in this part of the world but it is very important as there are particular diseases that can be transmitted via particular sex acts.


Sexual hygiene of each of the partner in the relationship is very important. With the advent of sex toys, we must learn how to properly care for sex toys as lack of proper hygiene could pose a threat to the sexual health. Women don’t need to douche after sex but are encouraged to urinate after sex. Men are also encouraged to maintain roper hygiene with their private areas and also keep clean underwear.


This is important in a non-exclusive relationship. Another option to enjoy sexual pleasure is to explore activities that do not require exchange of body fluids in other to avoid transmission of infections.


Women are encouraged to consistently examine their breasts and men should equally examine their prostrate. Consistently check for growths, lumps, blisters and sores.


Routine checks with your doctor is very important for both genders. Cervical cancer vaccine for females 9years and above. Yearly pap smear tests for sexually active women. Routine pelvic tests for women. Periodic STI screening for both females and males. It is recommended that women under 40 years gets a mammogram every 5years and women above 40years should get a mammogram every 1 or 2 years.


Avoid the use of alcohol or a combination of drugs to increase sexual libido and energy to participate high-risk test. Often times, we just need to modify life style and perhaps diet to increase and enjoy sexual acts. However, certain conditions may need prescribed sexual enhancement drugs.


Consistent use of After-morning pills is not healthy as they are regarded as emergency contraception. If you and your partner choose to have unprotected sex constantly, it would be advisable to get long-term family planning options.

It is important to own up to the responsibility of your sexual health and safety especially with the antibiotic resistance common with STIs in tis season. It is possible and practicable if we keep up the good habits. Own up and take action and see your sexual health give you a 100%

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