My Mental Health Journey

Can we know you and what you do?

I am Salami Wuraola, a corper. 

Today seems like a great day, how do you feel?

I feel good 

Looking at the rate of suicide associated with depression, how serious do you think people should get about taking care of their mental health?

I feel that people should take care of their mental health because it is shocking how people just decide to die by suicide. Also, people should give listening ears to others. Getting support from loved ones might help in preventing the rates of suicide.

When do you know that your mental health is being attacked and what do you do in such situations?

I know that my mental health is being attacked whenever I feel depressed or frustrated. To answer your question on what I do, I listen to music and call people that will listen to me. I call them to rant on the phone, complain, pour out my mind and let it all out.

It is nice that you have people who listen to you. Then,  have you ever listened to anyone? And can you describe how it felt to be listened to?

Yes, I have listened to someone before. Being listened to feels good because you will be able to say what is bothering you and free your mind.

In your terms, how would you describe your mental health journey?

I would say it has been good.

 Interesting and I hope it continues that way. So, Why do you think that people do not want to reach out for help as regards to their mental health.

Most of the time, it is  because they think people will not take them seriously.

What advice would you give to people who neglect their mental health?

They should take it seriously, and at least have a confidant.

 "People should take their mental health seriously and at least have a confidant". Wuraola

 I totally agree with this statement. Everyone of us should endeavor to have at least a person that we can reach out to or talk to when things are not going right and we feel like we are sinking. WE all need someone to LEAN on.

Do you agree with Wura's statement?

What is your take on how people disregard mental health?

Kindly give your comment on what you think.

Do have a lovely day.



" Your mental health is important and people should take it as a serious matter". Salami Wuraola.

Salami Wuraola is a corper who is currently serving in Ogun state. She is 24 years old and she is our guest for this interview. It is amazing to know that there are people who go through the same thing you are going through, when they get to share their experience.This is her mental health journey.

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