Sex Lubricants are substances that help reduce wear and tear; friction during penetrative sex/intercourse. While lubricants don’t protect one from STI's, they guaranty protection from injury, hence making sex more enjoyable. The Juicer, the better. Yeah??


Of course, they wet the ground Like the taste of syrup on the tongue, lubricants enhance sexual pleasure.

It's not okay to think that lubricants are only used when genitals are dry. No, they can be used at all times, as they reinforce sexual pleasure and have some adhesive properties that delay ejaculation.

A Lubricant is a thing of Interest, yeah?

For Anal sex, lubricants will do a good job because, unlike Vaginal sex, the anus does not provide natural lubricants. Also, lubricants can be used when condoms are in use as they would limit friction, preventing the tear of a condom. Hence, reducing the chances of contracting STIs.

When to use Lubricants?

  • When the Vagina is dry or not
  • When the vagina does not produce sufficient fluid for long sex
  • When there is vaginal irritation due to long period of dryness
  • Dryness due to Menopause or post partum
  • Anal intercourse.

And if you feel the need to use it, it's handy! Get it.


There are water based, silicon based, and oil-based lubricants.

The water based lubricants are the safest option for intercourse as they do not damage condoms or sex toys. But they dry up real quick. Well, you can use it by re-applying.

The oil based lubricants are safer when used by people who engage in aexual activity without any form of contraception in use. This type of lubricant damages condoms thereby increasing the chances of STI and pregnancy.

The Silicon based are recommended as they are also safe to use, except in case of sex toys. They can damage silicone made toys.


Do you use Vaseline?: Vaseline could invite bacterial into the vagina. They can be used for external purposes and are not penetrative.

What about Soap and creams? No, you can't use that. It causes skin irritation and increase the chances of Infection during sex.

Butter? This is not whipped cream, uh. Butter is rancid and can cause infection, too.

Saliva? No no. Saliva can be good, but it's not healthy. Saliva encourages the build up of vaginal yeast infection, STI, and warts, as they could pass through the saliva.

Beauty Oils/ coconut oils? This is weird!! Do not use it. They damage contraceptives and increases infection time.

Please, do not try these at home.

Erhmm… What's left to say?:

It's worthy to note that, while sex lubricants are advisable to use, you can contact your health care providers when you are confused about its outcome or suspect an infection/ irritation.

Also, if you think lubricants don't help keep your vagina moisturized as you'd love it, try artificial lubricants, drink lots of water, and explore other methods of sexual arousal.

Till we discuss again, good Luck!

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