These Health Benefits of Maize will shock you!

Maize which is also known as Corn is a vegetable staple whose seeds are enclosed inside a fruit or shell.


Different continents of the world,one way or the other have corn as part of their food, continents like North America, South America, Europe and even Africa.


Nigeria is one of the African countries that largely consumes corn with kaduna being the state that produces corn the most in Nigeria.


Maize is known to be pronounced in several ways based on the different dialects in Nigeria;


The Yorubas call it "Agbado", The igbos call it "Oka", The Hausas call it "Agwado or dawaar Masar",it is called "Ibopot" in Efik and "Akpa-Akpa" in Ibibio.


Maize farming is one of the most profitable type of farming in Nigeria.


The maize grain can be cooked,fried,roasted,crushed, ground or pounded to make different kinds of dishes.



    Different ways in which corn can be consumed in Nigeria


•Corn can be eaten with Beans

•corn is also added as sweet corn in jollof rice and fried rice.      

•Corn can be made as pap(also known as ogi or akamu): If the pap Is cold, it can be made into Eko

•It can also be heated as popcorn; which is a snack that is generally enjoyed by most people.



                             Health Benefits Of corn


•It Improves The Heart


  Corn is rich in fiber and fiber lowers the cholesterol level and reduces blood pressure and inflammation.


•It Improves The Eyesight


 Nutrients like vitamin C is found in corn,carotenoids also:a type of antioxidant found in corn which is made up of zeaxanthin and lutein,they also aid better vision.


Corn Is Glutten Free


 People who have celiac disease or glutten intolerance and want grains to be in their diet,corn is a safe choice for them.


Corn Aids Digestion


Corn Aids for easy bowel movement and also prevents constipation and colon cancer due to the fiber present in it.


It Improves The Memory


Acetylcholine is a vitamin from Thiamine(vitamin B1)that Aids retention and also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease.


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