Sexual problems affect about 30% to 40% of women, a lack of desire is the most common complaint.
These sexual problems include discomfort during sex, being incapable of achieving/sustaining sexual pleasure, experiencing pain during sexual activities and a host of others. To make a diagnosis of sexual dysfunction, these problems must cause distress to a woman.

Sexual dysfunction can be diagnosed when one or more of these problems are present during the sexual response cycle. The sexual response cycle is a chain that involves all the four stages of sexual arousement. It includes: Desire, Arousal, Orgasm, Resolution.
Who can suffer from sexual problems? Young people, those who are sexually active,  married couples. It can happen to anyone.

What are the possible causes?, Its causes are not limited to physical, but also include psychological causes. Let’s discuss some of them:

  1. Certain drugs:  the chemical components of certain drugs sometimes alter the sexual hormones. Eg, cancer medications and hormone therapy drugs.
  2. Gynecologic conditions: Some medical conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cyst and vaginismus can cause pain during sex.  Women suffering from these illnesses might be at risk of developing sexual problems.
  3. Blood disorder: owing to the fact that the vagina is a well vascularized part of the body, any blood disorder that might affect blood flow to the vagina will result in sexual problems.
  4. Hormonal changes: Women could experience lots of hormonal imbalance during the menstrual cycle as a result of hormonal flunctuation. Also, pregnancy and menopause can cause sexual problems.
  5. Relationship issues: This is one of the causes of sexual problems as it could make the individual unhappy which leads to absence of sexual arousal.
  6. Past traumatic events: Trauma could cause anxiety and a fear of intimacy. These feelings can trigger this effect hence leading to difficulty while having sex.

Are there any types of sexual dysfunction?, Yes there are. These disorders could occur before, during and after sex, and take diverse forms. The common types/forms include:

  • Anorgasmia: Orgasmic disorder; inability to achieve orgasm.
  • Dyspareunia: This pain is experienced during sex and could be excruciating.
  • Hypoactive sexual desire: This includes low/absence of libido; inability to desire sex/sexual pleasure.
  • Sexual arousal disorder: In this type, it might be difficult to get aroused/stimulated by any form of sexual pleasure.

In all of these, sexual dysfunction can be treated by: 

  • Counseling
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Medications
  • Arousal method


And  yes, there’s prevention therapy too. How?  

  • Eat healthy and balanced meals
  • Perform regular exercises
  • Do not abuse usage of drugs
  • Maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle
  • Seek medical help as soon as you suspect.

Takeaway: The qualified medical specialists should be your first contact if you suspect a sexual dysfunction. So many women experience sexual dysfunction occasionally but  if it bothers you or becomes a frequent problem, it’s about time to visit a clinic.
Till I write you again, you can bank on these. -Adaora.

Adaora Chinedu

Adaora Chinedu is a Writer, Registered Nurse. She finds value in Volunteering for jobs that cater to health and well-being.

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