When we talk about gender-based violence (GBV), everyone thinks about a man hitting a woman till she falls into a coma or gets badly injured.

A man who is always emotionally blackmailed  or receives constant insults is being violated. His wife tells him everyday how much of a failure he is and how he would amount to nothing  verbal abuse. He stays still, with no one to talk to. No one would listen anyways.

You know why?

Because he is a man and according to societal standards, he ought to take everything in to show his strength.

Gender-based violence involves causing harm to a perceived sex or group of people because of their identity. It happens to both females and males.

The common forms of GBV are:

Physical violence: it is exerting control over a person or people using physical force such as hitting.

Verbal violence: it is the use of swear-words or ridiculing people to make them feel uncomfortable.


 Psychological violence: is hurting the integrity of others through coercion or threats.


Sexual violence: sexual activities without one’s consent which can also be termed “rape.”

Socio-economic violence: this is most times in the form of property damage and restricting access to financial resources.

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