5 ways to heal from heartbreak

My fellow health city comrades, come close. I know about 90% of people have experienced heartbreak. It can be disheartening, awful and traumatizing. There is good news however, you can heal from it. How can you do it, you ask? Let's dive in:

1) Validate your emotions: 

Getting cut from somebody's life could be so painful but it can be more disastrous if you are not allowing yourself to feel. Sadness, anger, denial, and withdrawal cannot be dissociated from heartbreak. You are allowed to feel any or all after a heartbreak. 

You do not have to feel ashamed about a breakup neither do you have to feel ashamed that you are grieving for the breakup. There is no time limit to how you feel or what you are feeling. Most importantly, do not overthink, and don't assume you were not enough or you were the problem.

 To be able to heal from heartbreak, acknowledge your feelings, and take your time to analyse the situation and how it went wrong. Take your time to heal!!! 

2) Resist the urge to quickly move to another relationship:

It could be that you love the way you felt with the person you had a breakup with and you do not want to feel alone. Moving on to another relationship will not make you heal from the heartbreak,  it will just create another cycle of brokenhearted people. 

I get it, being alone makes you feel scared and lonely, but you have to heal first so that you can enjoy all the moments of your next relationship without being burdened by your previous relationship.

3) Take care of yourself:

While going through an emotional process there is a greater chance of neglecting your personal needs. Looking good, going out, or eating can help you in getting back to your daily routine faster.

For you to able to heal from heartbreak, do not neglect yourself or your health. While going out might be a stretch for you, exercise, yoga, meditation and reading books might be the healing pill for you.

4) Inform your loved ones about what you need:

Dealing with heartbreaks is different for different folks. Nobody will know how to help you or comfort you if you don't tell them what you need and how you need them. 

It could be that you want to grieve privately or you want people around you. You could want to speak to a therapist or find a support system for people that have gone through the same thing. You need to tell them for them to be able to get you all you need during this time.

5) Explore Old and New interests: 

To heal from heartbreak, you might want to create interest in doing new things such as cooking, painting, dancing, seeing new places and volunteering. It can also be things you could not do while you were in your previous relationships. You can take this time to try them out. This should be fun right? 

Just a gentle reminder, do not feel guilty that you are having fun while healing from heartbreaks. You are allowed to have fun. Don't beat yourself up about it and also, do not turn to substances or alcohol to cope. I would not advise that.

I am sending all my love and support as you journey through this process.

What are your thoughts on heartbreaks?

How much did your last heartbreak affect you?

How did you heal from it?

Kindly drop a comment.

Thank you

Opeyemi Alalade

Opeyemi Alalade is a clinical physiologist at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. She is a content writer interested in writing educative and informative articles. She is also interested in participating in medical outreach. 

You can connect via her social medial platforms or send her an email. opalalade@gmail.com

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