Puberty: Preparing you for the changes

Puberty is a stage that ushers you into adulthood.

Certain hormones are activated and new changes are experienced. These changes usually begin at age 8 and keep on till age 17, sometimes till age 20. 

What other way can you prepare for change except by knowing the changes that will occur? Below are the changes that will occur in both boys and girls.

For a girl:

  • Areola becomes larger.
  • Breasts become bigger.
  • Pubic hair begins to grow.
  • Development of stretch marks.
  • Menstruation begins.
  • Development of acne.


For a boy:

  • Scrotum becomes darker.
  • Penis grows.
  • Pubic hair grows.
  • Cracking of the voice.
  • Development of stretch marks.
  • Development of acne.
  • Increase in height.
  • Increased sweating.


These developments could be either early or late in teenagers and may imply hormonal imbalance. If it occurs, a doctor should be consulted promptly for professional advice.

During this period, teenagers usually pass through a rollercoaster of emotions from moodiness to hyperactivity, and everything in-between. It is very important to be there for them to give guidance and support whenever they call you. In this same period, teenagers tend to feel they can make better decisions than their parents or guardians and therefore make some erratic decisions. It is advised that patience and understanding are applied to follow them up through this stage so that they can understand where you're coming from and why they shouldn't go down certain paths.

Mercy Oyeniran

Mercy Oyeniran is a Nursing Science student at the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti. She's taken interest in educating the public on topical issues on health, especially sexual health. Connect with her

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