Lola's journey - a tale of resilience

"Gosh!" Lola exclaimed, struggling with her jean zipper. She was already running late for her brother's graduation ceremony. Frustrated, she changed into a different outfit.

During the drive to the venue, Lola reflected on the past four months. She had promised herself she'd get in shape, but had continuously procrastinated joining a gym and often dismissed the idea of dieting. She imagined her running shoes collecting dust and her workout clothes, likely commandeered by her younger sister. Self-pity wasn't going to help, she sighed knowing she had to do something. She had to take responsibility for her life then she reminded herself that every small step counts. 

Determined not to end the year with regrets, Lola decided it was time to make a change. After the ceremony, she sat down with a pen and notebook, ready to set realistic fitness goals that accommodated her busy schedule. She planned to change her diet and jog twice on weekends.

On her first day, a Saturday morning, Lola dressed in her workout clothes, filled her water bottle, grabbed her headphones, and stepped outside. Twelve minutes into the jog, she was gasping for breath, her thighs aching. Instead of giving up, Lola took a short break, then resumed, determined to complete her set time.

Each time she jogged, Lola motivated herself with the goal of fitting into her favorite jeans again. Slowly, she noticed changes. With each feat, however small, Lola was really excited that things were improving. Soon, exercising and eating healthy became integral parts of her lifestyle.

Many of us can relate to the early stages of Lola's story. Here's the thing, Lola's journey is a reminder that achieving fitness goals is not about drastic, overnight changes. It requires intentionality, setting realistic goals, tracking progress, and celebrating each small victory.

So, take this as your cue to be like Lola. Don't quit! Don't give up! Be intentional! Stay consistent! You're on your way to smashing your fitness goals.

Until next time, stay consistent.

Ayomide Oloruntobi

'Mide Oloruntobi is a creative writer with a keen interest in addressing topical issues around fitness and proper diet through her writing. 

Although 'Mide is a graduate of mathematics, she loves to participate in medical outreaches, she's also a volunteer with the Kindhearts foundation, a breast cancer advocacy group. 

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