Having a flat tummy seems to be the in-thing these days. Everyone, including men and women are doing all they can to lose belly fat. The journey could be tiring for many, especially when the results are not forth coming.

Fruits are life savers and are super nutritious. They are packed with several essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, that are great for our overall well-being. They are great for hair, skin, gut, our immune system and even in losing belly fat. Eating fruits everyday may be the answer to losing belly fat naturally. It is advisable to eat them whole so as to make the most of their fibre content.

Here are some fruits that are known to rid belly fat:

(1) Apples

An Apple a day may help rid belly fat too. They contain fat, carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, niacin,vitamin A, B, B2 and C. The vitamins and minerals of apples are concentrated mainly near the peel, it is advisable to eat them along with their peel.

Apples are bursting with dietary fibres, flavonoids and beta-carotene, which helps to keep you full and prevent cravings and overeating, thus encouraging belly fat loss. They are rich in pectin fibre, which helps to slow down digestion, and help your digestive system function properly. Apples are also low in calories and sugar content, which makes it a perfect fruit for losing belly fat.

(2) Tomatoes

The savory richness of tomato may do lots of wonders to reduceyour belly fat. Tomatoes tend to boost the production of the amino acid called carnitine, which is an organic molecule that plays a vitalrole in regulation of fatty acid and energy metabolism. Tomatoes arehigh in fibre, vitamins, and bursting with a compound known as 9-oxo-ODA that helps shrink lipids in blood and ensure healthy belly fat loss.

(3) Pineapples

Pineapples are nutrient-dense, very sweet, and are rich In fat-burning friendly fibres. It contains an enzyme called bromelain which helps in metabolizing proteins that help to rid belly fat. They can be eaten raw, juiced or added to smoothies. 

(4) Watermelons

Watermelons are full of nutritious goodness and are low in calories. They are great for flushing out toxins and built up matter in our digestive tracts. Watermelons are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and are so easy to digest, thus aiding belly fat loss. They can be eaten alone, juiced or added to your favourite smoothie.

(5) Avocados

Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fatty acids which are heart healthy. Avocados contain 73% water, 25% fat, minerals, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, C and E. Avocados enhances the secretion of gastric juice which is necessary for digestion, hence helping you to burn belly fat. They also contain healthy fibre, which curbs cravings and excessive eating, thus keeping you full for a longer period of time.

(6) Oranges

Oranges are a powerful anti-carcinogen food which helps to preventcancer, boost your immune system and combat constipation. They are juicy, low in calories, have no fat, and are rich in fibres,vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them one of the best belly fat burner fruits.

These fruits are nutritious and can be included in your diet. Watch out for the impact on your waistline, because they are sure to helpyou lose belly fat in a healthy natural way.




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