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About Us

Panacea First Aid services is a service designed by The Health City to provide First Aid and other health services at any events to ensure the safety and comfortabiliy of your guests.

Panacea stands as an effective partner to keep the safety of you and you and your guest in quality check. We possess premium capability and know-how for hndling every uniqueness and complexity of your event.

Panacea First Aid services is a service designed to answer all first aid and safety requirement for every of your events. We pride in excellent delivery in corporate events, meetups, indoor and outdoor parties, sport tournaments, executive tours, shooting sets, camps and any other activities..


Your safety is our Priority...

We go the extra mile in making it accessible

Our goal is to ensure your guests feel and have the highest level of safety and comfort while they participate in your event’s activities

Our Services

First Aid Services

COVID 19 Compliance Services

Emergency Services

Blood Pressure Test

Blood Sugar Checks

We are who you need

First Aid Medical Services at your events isn’t a maybe - it’s a necessity!
Trust us to give your guests the comfort and safety they deserve!
Location is never a barrier, trust us to do the extra mile in reaching the last mile for you

The Extra Mile

A bespoke pricing system of services is available for your events as we know that not one event is exactly the same.
We are more than happy to discuss everything with you...