What are the risk factors?


Being underweight is that your BMI is below 18.

The risk factors includes;

- Malnutrition

- Anemia

- Osteoporosis

- Irregular periods in women

- slow/stunted growth

- Decreased immune function


Being overweight also isn't a good thing,

What are the risk factors?


The risk factors includes;

- Heart disease

- stroke

- High blood pressure

- liver disease

- Type-2 diabetes

- sleep apnea

- osteoarthritis

- cancer

- mental illness


Being normal weight is obviously a good thing, how can it be maintained?


Normal weight can simply be maintained when you have a healthy diet.


There's a 15 word quote by Marion Nestle for maintaining a healthy diet that is very helpful and they are;

- Eat less(2 words)

- Move more(2 words)

- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables(6 words)

- Go easy on junk foods(5 words).



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